My Journey with ADHD

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

At the age of 12, I was getting in trouble frequently for being distracted in class, too loud or too active. My teachers would say that I was a disturbance in class and, therefore, I was forced to drop out. At age 13, I went to a doctor specialised in ADHD and got diagnosed for severe ADHD. I then started a medication called Elvanse. I cried when I was told that I had ADHD because I felt like I had a disability and that people would look at me differently. This sense of great difference was enhanced when a family member told me that I had to keep it a secret and not tell anyone because it looks bad and they may treat me differently and think of me as incapable. I had become very skinny very quickly once having started Elvanse. I became so skinny that I had to be sent home for a period of time as I was always getting very ill as I wasn’t eating enough. Not only did loosing weight feel unstoppable, but someone who used to be my best friend bullied me about my weight and at that age it really affected me. I had posted a photo of myself in a bikini when I was on holiday and someone had commented, "do you even eat?", and this friend had liked the comment. I cried for many nights because people didn’t understand that it was not my fault that I had lost weight that fast. After years of feeling different and in some way left out. I decided to stand up for myself and my disorder against people who had for years been my mentors and the education system that belittled the way my mind worked. I decided I would no longer shrink myself for the benefit of someone else. I have accepted that I am different and I love it.

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